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V8 Supercar Driver, TV Host, Journalist, Aussie dare devil...

Traveling the great Australian outback and telling exciting tales has become his speciality, where his daily reports take you through some of the most difficult land you'll ever see. Baron, red desert centre of Australia, small, near-deserted towns to the farming lands to the most wild and obscure Australian wilderness. Denyer doesn't let much get in his way. Even dangerously high flood waters didn't prevent this guy from riding his motorbike to the very tip of Australia. Denyer has fast become a household name to watch. And why wouldn't you want to watch every minute. You just never know what this mad Aussie might get up to.

World firsts and Guinness Book of Records are no easy feat unless you're this mad man.  He's got 6 World Records and what they are for might surprise you!  He's a race car driver on the side who broke his back in a Monster Truck accident while jumping over a few cars. He has raced at Nurburgring Germany against the world's elite drivers but he is just as humble about the experience as he is about the rest of his long list of accolades and amazing adventures.

A typical down under bloke, he likes adrenalin filled activities and has pioneered new technology and methods to change the Live TV game forever.  Take a look at some of Grant Denyers recent videos...

Check out The Great Austrlaian Spelling Bee - Coming Soon on Channel Ten with Grant Denyer


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