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Bathurst is full of these stories. No other circuit breaks and makes dreams than his 6.2km of heart break hill. It demands respect, and as a rookie, you make sure you pay your dues before you think about showing who's boss.

In terms of my performance, it's been a steady learning curve. I don't think I even took a breath on the very first lap I drove, disaster is everywhere and it's painfully obvious.

Qualifying in the top 10 was disappointing considering we were just completing a lap that would put me 5th on debut when the red flag came out, cancelling my time.

In the first race, I got off the line in good form picking off a position. The rough and tumble of the opening lap meant I went forward, and back again and forward and pushed on with a great race with Mark Porter.

In the end we finished 7th and as a first timer, just happy all the panels are still on the car.

With this circuit, you don't gain 10th's of a second per lap when things start to click, you gain entire seconds. A good night sleep, no early Sunrise start and a good think about my dream day and we'll be in good shape for race 2.

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