My Dance Diary

Week Four - "The Foxtrot"

I'm still pulling cotton from my teeth from the tightest pants in history but Amanda and I went out this time to prove that it's not all about sight gags and bad taste costuming for cheap laughs.

In Amanda's cute country girl way, she told me we need to show off our 'dancing diversity' if we have any chance of beating runaway leader, Toby Allen, this week. I had no idea what she was talking about but I think it was code for 'stop mucking around'. Bless her little cotton legwarmers.

What you don't know, is how close we came to diaster.

It started with getting into the Foxtrot zone with late night couch sessions snuggled up watching dance classics like 'Singing in the Rain' with some bloke called Gene Kelly. He's not bad.

After a single swing of his umbrella, this little weather watcher's brain ticked over like a Fred Astair tap routine. "That's it" , I yelled. "I want to be him!"

I wanted to show this lot I'm not just a meat-head race car driver and flat footed forecaster. I wanted to show that top hats and tails are as cool as jeans and that offering a coat to a lady should be a requirement, not a forgotten act of yesteryear.

I think it came as a bit of a shock for some. Kochie came up and said "who are you and what have you done with Grant Denyer?". I took it as a compliment.

It was great to have the Sunrise crew there in full voice for my first attempt at dancing solo. You feel so vulnerable out there, like a lamb to the slaughter. Mark with his 'go Mad Dog' sign and Kochie with his 'We love Todd' version took the edge off. Even Melissa Doyle called me 'sexy' on the dance floor! Gosh.

I can't tell you how lucky we were to make it through. Like everyone, injuries are setting in...big time. I cracked some rib cartilage and tore soft tissue in my chest during rehearsals while lifting Amanda and I wasn't able to complete the big lift all week. In fact, I dropped her from a fair height the morning of the show and we almost pulled the lift out. The problems is, the demand is so high now to be bigger, higher and more spectacular than ever, I gambled on a big risk and kept it in.

I'm so glad we did because Amanda looked beautiful up there with snow falling all around her flowing white dress. It was a real high for the both of us and she really put the 'fox' in Foxtrot.

What you might not have seen, was her dress got caught on the way down exposing her undies to the crowd. Luckily the cameras were behind us and didn't see it. As the moves get larger and the chase for Toby more intense, wardrobe malfunctions are 'popping out' everywhere. It's true, there is something for everyone in this show, particularly Dad!

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