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Race 2 Bathurst Report -

Saturday 8th of October

"I love this place. In terms of man handling a machine around a track by the scruff of the neck, this place is the holy grail.

As a rookie, I've got a lot to learn, I don't even qualify to be Dick Johnson's orange boy, but in just 2 races... it's a bug I don't think I'll ever loose.

Starting 7th on the grid after Friday's race it was handy to be towards the front with light rain falling on the top of the hill that was always going to cause the field some serious 'brown undie' moments on slick tyres.

We got a great start and made up 2 spots before the first corner to be 5th. After tip-toeing across the top of the mountain in the most slippery conditions I've ever driven, the race was stopped when a car broke down at the start.

It was re-started with more rain falling and still on slick tyres we made another blinding start to pick off spots. In some slip sliding position changing, the safety car came out after an accident allowing me to slip in to the pits to make an unusual mid-race gamble to put on wet weather tyres, in anticipation of heavier rain.

Rejoining dead last (23rd), it was one of the most remarkable few laps of my life passing 15 cars in 2 laps. As one of only 3 drivers on wet weather tyres... I was well on the way to finishing 1-2 with my Dick Johnson Racing team mate Dean Canto, when once again a crash in the slippery conditions brought out the red flag. The race was not only stopped but cancelled altogether.

It threw my almost certain podium finish on debut, out the window. So close, yet just another tragic story of how the greatest stretch of tar in the world can spoil the best made plans.

At least I know now, that I'm not wasting my time. If I can cut top 5 lap times on debut here, I might just make a go of this. I love my V8s.

Round Results: 1 Canto, 2 Luff, 3 D'Alberto, 4 Macrow, 5 MacDonald, 6 Porter, 7 Denyer, 8 Holdsworth, 9 Elliott, 10 Fernandez

Championship Standings: 1 Canto (912), 2 Luff (891), 3 MacDonald (864), 4 Scifleet (852), 5 D'Alberto (822), 6 Macrow (815), 7 Porter (743), 8 Fernandez (683), 9 Denyer (668), 10 McGill (646).




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