Dare Denyer - Sunrise

I loved doing Dare Denyer although I have to admit, I started to get a little scared. The requests you all sent in were pretty full on.  It started becoming more dangerous than racing my V8 at 300km/k but I tell you what, it was awesome fun.

Since I hurt my back in September, I had to put the dare's on hold as well.  But there were some awesome adventures, including;


  • Swimming with Great White sharks
  • Base jumping off the tallest building in the Sthn Hemisphere
  • Laying in a coffin teaming with thousands of bugs
  • Facing Brett Lee at the crease  
  • learned to drive a car on 2 wheels and much more.

But the worse, by far, was the humiliation of wearing the Borat mankini at Bathurst. It takes a lot for me to get embarrassed but I can tell you, I don't have the..er... um, equipment shall i say to wear something like that. Walking through pit lane with all my mates and heros like Craig Lowndes and Mark Skaife looking on, was not good. I copped it from everyone for the whole weekend. I'm still ashamed.



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