Whoa! What a hairy couple of days it's been.

My Monster Truck hit the deck hard on Wednesday and my back absorbed more of the impact than the truck's suspension did. Everything else about the jump was pretty much text book. So it was just one of those things, I guess.

It's one of my lower vertebrae (the L1) that took the blow and I've shattered it into quite a few pieces unfortunately. But the good news is that there's no nerve damage and now it's a matter of taking it easy for a couple of months to let the bones heal properly.

You know how I love my motor-sport  - and this is one of the hardest realisations - but I have to pull out of all my racing commitments for the rest of 2008. It's hard considering  this has been my best racing season ever having won my first two V8 races and leading the field in the 2008 Mini Championship.

But the spine is a delicate thing and we can't take any chances at this time. I'm being so well looked after by the amazing neurosurgeon Dr Richard Parkinson and staff at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney and all the signs are good for a 100% recovery ... if I take the time to rest for the next few months.

As if having the racing  wasn't bad enough already - the most heartbreaking news was as a result of the injury I am a centimetre SHORTER ! I was 165cms ...but from now I'll be 164cm.  Damn! My promising basketball career has been shot down ;)

I just can't believe the amount of messages of support this past few days. I can't thank you all enough.

Give me a little time and I'll be back looking for the next challenge. I really will. Just dare me



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