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Hang Gliding Adventure!

Another day of adventure on the NSW South coast with the Sunrise weather segment. Today was my First time hang gliding and I must Say, bring it on!

Leaping off a Cliff with a two step run up was insane but a huge thrill.
It is so amazingly quiet and agile its like the best roller coaster you will ever ride. 

I like a good yarn as I travel around the country which is why this was special. The NSW south coast is the real home of flight - It's here near  Wollongong 10 years before the Wright brothers flew the world's first plane, that local man Lawrence Hargraves tied a chair to box kites and discovered that a curved surface creates lift needed to fly. 

Even the Wright brothers themselves officially acknowleged lawrences discovery of flight as the impotsus to their successful flight 10 yeas later, hence the South coast being the real home of flying. Very cool.

Thankfully I didnt discover gravity!

Download Quicktime here if you can't view the clip!


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