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Bungee World Record!

"Well it has to be said, I thought I'd never go through with it but when the counting down began, like it or lump it, I was going over. AJ Hackett, the man who actually invented the sport, was going to make sure of it.

It's the first time a tandem jump out of a chopper has been attempted but I'm glad I didn't know that before I jumped! Doing it with the pioneer in the sport gave me some extra courage and trust, but not much more I can tell you. This was the most frightening moment of my life, without question. At least AJ has over 1000 jumps under his belt, the man is a guru. His more famous moment was bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Illegally of course.

The previous record for the longest tandem bungee jump was set at 200 meters, AJ and I knocked it off with a 250 meters free fall that blew my mind. While it was a great view of the topless bathers from up there, it was hard being buffeted by the chopper downdraft while we waited. We almost fell out on the way there from the airport!

People ask me what the fall was like and words will never rise to the occasion however I do remember looking at the horizon with the Sydney skyline and once I stepped over, I was remarkable calm. If you look at the video clip, you'll notice I shut my eyes briefly. I was planning to do it all the way down but once I went, I had to see what was going on it was so wild. We fell and fell and fell... it went on forever.

After hosting Guinness World Records this year, I've grown an incredible appreciation of those who put themselves on the line for it. I can now understand the addiction it becomes. This is a drug that needs feeding... I've got 2 records now, I think a trifecta sounds nice.

Look out!"

Download Quicktime here if you can't view the clip!


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