My Dance Diary

Week Nine - "The Rumba"

So after three and a half months of training how do I feel about being in the final two against Kostya Tszyu? Well if it comes down to a fist fight my money's on the boxer. No doubt about that! He's an aggressive competitor, he came here to win and he keeps bloody reminding me of it too! He's got far too many psychological games that he can play with me that he's played against opponents over the years so I'm a frightened competitor. Kostya's one of the great revelations of the series.  His personality is so gentle and warm and surprisingly loving for a man who punches people for a living! His dancing is perfect technically - just brilliant. So now I just want to make my dancing the best it can be next week and that's all you can hope for.

I feel for Toby though. The bloke wiped the floor with us for seven of the nine weeks. For him to bail out one stop short of the final is surprising. But I guess it's the one dreaded factor that none of us can cater for - the support of the public. We just never know where it's at and that's scary.

My girlfriend Belinda was in the audience and is just as proud as I am that I'm in the top two. She is full of belief and encouragement and comes to a lot of my training rehearsals. She's always got a lot of helpful tips for us and gets along really well with Amanda. I think Belinda is the world most patient woman. I've been on the road with Sunrise now for three years and it's been horrifically exhausting for her. To have me spend more time away with Amanda for this, has been exceptionally generous of her. But now she's got a bloke who can dance, so what woman wouldn't want that?

Well it's a pretty full on week and to be honest I feel like we just can't handle another hour of training. However victories like last week make it all worthwhile. And to be in the final is a great reward for the enormous amount of hard work. I think we can be focussed for one more week but I tell you what - I probably won't be dancing for a couple of months after this! 

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