My Dance Diary

Week Seven - "The Paso Doble"

A leopard can't change his spots but every now and then small miracles do happen. The transition from knuckle head race car driver to light footed dancer is complete!

"10,9,10,10", the judges beamed. I never imagined I'd be able to grace the floorboard's well enough to ever get a 10 out of 10 from the judges, but to get three in one go was like winning Bathurst. I must admit I nearly cried.

With so much blood, sweat and tears put into our Paso, I think it boiled out of us in such a melting pot of passion that everyone got caught up in the moment. I mean, Amanda has had a dramatic few weeks with turning 21 and the passing of her biggest fan, her Grandfather - the raw energy rubbed off on me and what happen on that magic little dance space that night was a routine that even amazed me.

This show is the greatest spectacle on tv and the expectation to deliver each week four series on, raises the roof. Including a little high school level guitar playing at the start was a chance to build a bit of atmosphere because this contest is as much about having fun and putting on a good old fashioned show, as much as technical brilliance.

Smashing it was something I have wanted to do all my life and it was Maton guitars who offered me the chance to bring out the Jimmi Hendrix in me with a purpose built guitar that would fall apart on impact. Well, it was supposed to. There was a real danger the guitar was going to bounce back up and hit me in the face! That's why we included the table to break the fall and make the beginning of our routine that little bit more spectacular.

It's amazing just how you can surprise yourself if you just have a go, and that's been my attitude all along. The response to the dance has been simply overwhelming. Thousands of emails flooded the Sunrise website, with generous applause and general surprise this dare devil early riser actually had it in him. One woman said our Paso had so much passion, she cried at the end!

If that's the only taste of success we have on the show, then I walk away from this competition happier than Gene Kelly on a wooden floor. The credit should really go to Amanda who has been an energetic and patient teacher. Her routines are always first class, she's a talented little lass who I'm sure could one day be a world champion." 


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