My Dance Diary

Week Two - "The Quick Step"

"Who's Your Mummy!"

"Who's your Mummy!", that's the phrase we penned backstage for music guru Molly Meldrum after what I thought was a bloody brilliant performance with his hilarious Egyptian theme.

All the contestants were shocked to say the least when the true showman was first to leave the set for good. I mean, c'mon! Molly may not be a smooth operator on his feet but he blew us all away in good old fashioned entertainment. He was bold, bright and a bloody good laugh to boot. I had him pegged for a top five finish! I guess it shows how high the expectation is for the series four.

The pressure is sure telling. While my mates stick it to me for opting to dance instead of drink with them... other couples are punching out up to 8 hours a day in training. Are you serious? I'm not event awake for that long every day!

After Todd McKenney described me as having 'limited ability' on the floor, I was seriously sweating in week two.

A strange rash, an ankle injury and a few days interstate meant it was a tardy two day preparation for the Quickstep (excuse number one). Regardless, I was dancing like no one was watching - sadly two million people were. On my first dance step, I rolled my dodgy ankle (excuse number two) and danced out of time and on the wrong foot. Nice one Denyer. A few encouraging words between gritted teeth from Amanda and we gathered it up for a ripper finish.

My dressing roomy, Toby, seems to be the one to catch with what Judges described as the best performance of the four series. For me though, Jennifer Hawkins' mannequin routine proved she's no dummy on the dance floor and my toughest competition. It was a brilliant idea, stunningly executed and just a dream boat to watch.

With the big man out, what crazy antics will replace him? The buzz backstage is that desperate, dangerous and more dazzling moves are just a quickstep away.

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